Welcome to our studio...




During this year, we will be learning through demonstration and hands on experiences to understand the visual world as we know it. Some of our projects will be related to their other classes by crossing the curriculum to build a cohesive understanding and connection that Art has always been. Mankind's history began with creating drawings of memories and experiences, and we will continue to express our innate creative ability to tell each of our own stories for future generations to wonder and appreciate.

By the end of our year, we will have understood a majority of the "Elements & Principles of Design". This will be fortified with lectures, sketching, projects and critiques.

Check out the calendar for the projects we are planning to complete with our lectures and studies! Be sure to click on the project title's name where mentioned first to see an example of the handout that can be printed or saved elsewhere. Other Files of lessons presented in class and study materials can be found under "Class Resources" to print and save.

Please remember, Wooden pencil, lesson handouts, critique handout, project & sketchbook (Drawing and Painting 1&2) are required everyday to class by each student. It is their responsibility to be prepared. We would not be providing life long learning experiences by not making the students accountable.


We are using PowerSchool for our attendance and grade posting.