Art Classroom News


Art Fundamentals

Drawing & Painting 1

Drawing & Painting 2

Commercial Art & Illustration

Required and needed materials everyday:

• Assigned Project 

• Critique & Project Handout

•  Wooden Pencil 

• Sketch book (manditory for Drawing & Painting (1&2)

Be Sure to fill out your contact sheet and have your contract signed by a Parent/Guardian with their cellphone number with provider name and email. Check the Project Calendar if you missed the presentation of a project that day and/or need a handout.

Grading Percentages:

[AF] Art Fundamentals

  • Projects: 50%
  • Critiques: 40%
  • Preparedness: 10%

[DP] Drawing & Painting 1&2

  • Projects: 50%
  • Critiques: 40%
  • Preparedness & Weekend Sketches: 10%

[CA] Commercial Art & Illustration

  • Projects: 50%
  • Critiques: 40%
  • Preparedness 10%

We are using PowerSchool for our attendance and grade posting.   

*Note: Students are allotted the number of days absent to submit their work ON TIME. Late work submitted will not be accepted after the next day following their return, and the most a late submission can earn is a 70% out of respect for those who complete their assignments on time. In the event of a project required to be submitted later due to absences at the end of a marking period, adjustments to the students grades may be adjusted after the mailing of their report cards. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, and please send any questions or inquiries to my email.  


Mister Stout

Art Department

Nottingham High School

Room 122